Last Update On : 01/08/2023

Our Business

The Konkan LNG Terminal receives and stores liquefied natural gas from LNG carriers ranging from 135,000 m3 to 160000 m3 capacities, which are specially built & dedicated for LNG. The LNG is vaporized and exported as natural gas


·    GAIL Terminal (at 88 barg (Maximum)).

 The terminal has the following marine facilities to receive LNG carriers:

·         Jetty

·         Mooring & Berthing System


The terminal has the following non-marine facilities:

·         LNG import system.

·         LNG storage.

·         LNG vaporization and export system.

The facilities including Receiving Terminal, Storage Tanks and Regasification plant is designed for a nominal throughput of 5 MMTPA (Million Tonnes Per Annum) of Liquefied Natural Gas.

Konkan LNG Limited (KLL) is a subsidiary company of GAIL. The number of LNG cargoes regasified by KLL is increasing steadily leading to an increase in KLL’s operating profit. GAIL is the commercial operator of the 5 MMTPA Dabhol terminal in Maharashtra under KLL. The terminal is currently operating only during non-monsoon months due to the non-availability of breakwater facilities. The construction work for breakwater has started and is likely to be commissioned by 2022, after which the terminal shall be able to operate throughout the year, utilizing its full capacity. 

Konkan LNG Limited has following policies put in place:

  1. Risk Management Policy & Framework.
  2. Fraud Prevention Policy.
  3. Vigilance Mechanism & Whistle Blower Policy.
  4. Fraud policy Structure.
  5. Corporate Environment Policy.

EnMS Policy

IMS Policy

CSR Policy

Code of Conduct

Fraud Prevention Policy

Corporate Environment Policy

Risk Management Policy

KLL follows best & latest Safety practices prevalent in industry. KLL follows “SAFETY FIRST” approach and all the employees are committed to Safety, Safety management in various important works in the plant maintaining the best overall Occupational health. All the Safety compliances are strictly adhered to. KLL is built on International Safe standards NFPA 59A along with compliance to OISD, PNGRB standards.